Letter of Inquiry

If, after reviewing the Grant Guidelines, you have sufficient reason to believe that the Foundation’s interest areas and funding preferences are compatible with the need of your organization, send a Letter of Inquiry to the Grants Administrator. If you need further clarification or guidance, please feel free to call the Foundation.

Your Letter of Inquiry should include:

  1. Contact Information: State the name and direct contact information (phone/email/mailing address) for this request
  2. Narrative (1-3 pages):


    1. State organization name, as recognized by the IRS (name listed on the IRS letter of determination), and EIN
    2. State mission and brief history of your organization
    3. List and briefly describe current programing and numbers served in each
    4. Briefly share outcomes that illustrate your impact on the population you serve
    5. State the size of your current fiscal year operating budget
    6. List top five recent grants from foundations and/or corporations (include name of institution, grant amount, FY received)


    1. Explanation of need for support and amount you are requesting
      1. If the request involves renovations or alterations to property, does the organization own or lease the property? If leased, what are the current terms of the lease?
    2. List of secured, pledged, and pending project funders/financing with corresponding amounts
    3. State projected project timeline
  3. Attachment:
    1. Project Budget

The Foundation is unable to accept electronically submitted Letters of Inquiry, either by fax or via e-mail. Inquiry letters must be on agency letterhead and signed by the executive director, president, or appropriate Board representative.

Letters of Inquiry should be directed to:

Grants Administrator
The Ahmanson Foundation
9215 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, California 90210