Grantee Reporting

When the Foundation awards a grant, the grantee will be asked to provide a brief final report on the use of the grant funds and the accomplishments of the funded project. On occasion, depending on the nature of the project, one or more interim reports may also be requested. The information contained in these reports provides valuable insights into the Foundation’s grant making.

While reporting will vary depending on the type of project that was funded, topics generally of interest to the Foundation include:

  • Progress achieved, future progress anticipated, and unanticipated developments;
  • Outcomes/accomplishments of the project, including what the grantee would have done differently;
  • How the grant benefited the organization and its constituents;
  • Financial information, such as an accounting of expenditures, updated project budget, or updated funding for the project;
  • Photographs of the endeavor, preferably ‘before and after’ photos, when applicable;
  • Copies of publications, CDs, DVDs or other products that relate to the project.