William H. Ahmanson
The Ahmanson Foundation

Howard F. Ahmanson, Jr.
Fieldstead & Company

Mark A. Brooks
Head of School,
Center for Early Education

Karen Ahmanson Hoffman
Managing Director and Secretary,
The Ahmanson Foundation

Glen March, MD
Stratagem Investments, LLC

Patricia McKenna
Portfolio Manager & Principal,
Hotchkis & Wiley Capital Management

Stephen D. Rountree
Civic Leader

John B. Wagner
Founding & Managing Partner,
Camden Asset Management, L.P.

Stephen D. Yslas
Corporate Vice President &
General Counsel (Retired),
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Robert H. Ahmanson
Trustee (1952 – 2007)
President (1974 – 2007)

William Hayden Ahmanson
Trustee (1952 – 2008)

— Deceased